Hollow Earth, Of Feather and Bone robbed in St Louis

Published by Dan SW

Of Feather and Bone's damaged door

Of Feather and Bone’s van robbed in St Louis

Mike Moynihan‘s Hollow Earth and Alvino Salcedo‘s Of Feather and Bone have had their vans broken into while on tour together. The bands were in St Louis as part of their run through the Midwest and Texas.

From Hollow Earth:

So both us and Of Feather and Bone’s vans were broken into in St. Louis today. Thankfully, the van and all the gear were left alone, but all of our personal bags were taken along with our band money. Day two of tour and none of us have any clothes except what we have on our backs, and no money to get to our next show. We would never ask for a handout, but we’re asking for your help.

[Here] is a link to our webstore which will be updated with new items ASAP, any help would be huge. Also, we would never ask for this but if you want to help and hate everything we have for sale, you can make a donation via PayPal to

Thanks for everything, and we hope to see you on this tour!

From Of Feather and Bone:

Update from Hollow Earth:

We’ve received an incredible amount of support in a very short amount of time and we could not be more thankful. Honestly, touring is a privilege to begin with… And to have so many people lend us a helping hand when things goes south is truly incredible. If you ordered something from the web-store I’ll contact you soon… That thing hasn’t been updated in a while, so yeah we’ll work something out though.

If you’re reading this and confused, we are 2 days into tour and had our van broken into in St. Louis and lost all of our personal belongings as well as the band’s money… Which I used to religiously keep with me at all times… The sting of complacency. Seriously though, THANK YOU. We are very humbled.

The bands will close out the month of June with dates in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Of Feather and Bone will be back on the road with Kevin Iavaroni‘s Old Wounds in August.