Takoda Patterson releases The Colors of Summer

Takoda Patterson is a vegan straight edge author, photographer, poet, and painter based out of Kent, OH. After suffering a major stroke earlier in the year, Patterson was advised by his doctors that he would never write again. The stroke motivated him to work and write even harder. As he tells it, the stroke pushed him "to beat the odds not just for myself but for anyone who reached a roadblock."

The end result is Patterson's second book The Colors of Summer, released July 13th, featuring poetry and paintings by the author and artist.

We spoke to Patterson about his new book:

When I wrote this book I wanted to write something that anyone could connect to. Something that reminds them of their experiences or things that they want to experience as well as giving them a glimpse into my life. With The Colors of Summer, my goal is to simply connect both directly and indirectly. This one is for those who find themselves reminiscing as well as looking forward to the future.

From the press release:

The Colors of Summer is a 38 page book of poetry and paintings both done by Takoda. Each page filled with a different feeling and personal observation that allows the reader to not only connect with the author but also offers way for the reader to connect deeper with themselves.

The Colors of Summer paperback is available now to preview and purchase through Amazon.