Alcohol: Pink Elephant selected for Indiana University Alcohol Awareness Contest

Published by Dan SW


Today we are featuring a short film public service announcement from 1975 called 'Alcohol: Pink Elephant'. The film has been made available by the Indiana University Moving Image Archive as part of 30 films selected for their Safer Together Archival Remix Contest. Watch the video below.

From the Safer Together contest page:

Safer Together is a donor-funded contest from IU Libraries Moving Image Archive inviting all students on the Bloomington campus to create a short, compelling video using IU's archival film footage. Your goal? Raise awareness about alcohol misuse. And, maybe win cash and fame for your efforts. Through a juried competition, awarded videos that meet stated criteria will win a prize of up to $2,000! Winning videos will be used in various IU outreach campaigns starting in Summer and Fall 2024.

From the video:

The decision to drink or not is a personal, private decision. Those choosing to, have a responsibility not to damage themselves or impair their relations with society. However, we have some 9 million whose drinking has created some problem for themselves, their families, friends, or employers.

"Alcohol: Pink Elephant" was created by Dennis Kennedy and Kennedy Studios, with production by Dennis Kennedy and Harry D. Riley.  The film features the voices of Rudyard Norton and Dick Solowicz. Featuring research by Dr. Ron Ziegler, Program Director and Psychologist with the Alcohol Treatment Unit of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Current rights holder is the Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation.