Review: Converge's new record The Dusk In Us - VIDEO

Published by Dan SW


Jacob Bannon (right) and Converge

Jacob Bannon's Converge have released a new record. Entitled The Dusk In Us, it is the band's ninth studio album, and their first in five years. The record was released on Epitaph Records and Bannon's own Deathwish Inc.

The album was reviewed by Brad Zorgdrager of Sorrow Carrier Records and Exclaim Magazine for BangerTV's Overkill Reviews. The review follows on a career retrospective currently being put together by Zorgdrager for Exclaim. Watch the album review below.

From Zorgdrager:

I reviewed the new Converge album for Banger. It's no surprise to anyone that I love this band, but you may or may not know that my entire back (and butt) tattoo is inspired by one of their songs. You can see that in this video, if that makes it more appealing (if it doesn't, just close your eyes).