District105 release The Red Death

Published by Dan SW


 Vietnamese hardcore band District105 have released a new music video, for the song The Red Death. The unbelievably heavy new song is taken from the band's new record 9th, set for release August 15th on First and Last Records. Watch the music video below.

We spoke to District105 frontman Huy about the Vietnam hardcore scene:

My name is Huy, vocalist of District105. I've been [Straight Edge] for 9 years now. I was born in a country where your career chances basically depend on how much you can drink. Your parents and the grownup will tell you you won't get anywhere far in life if you don't drink. But I disagreed, never really enjoyed getting wasted [anyways]. I don't have anything against alcohol or drugs. It's 2019; people can do whatever they want. I just hate the abusive behavior towards it and how people think that's the only way to have fun.

Started the hardcore scene in Vietnam in 2013 with a couple of good friends. It's a young scene but we are getting better by the day. [We] host a 400-[person] fest each year and [a] 120-[person] show every one or two months.

My point is if a guy like me in a society like this can be [Straight Edge] and live the way I want to live, then you definitely can do better. Respect and love for all of my [Straight Edge] brothers and sisters around the world who are still holding strong.

Videography, editing, and coloring is by Alexander Ray. Mixing and mastering is by Wavestorm studio. Guest vocals are by Sota from Tokyo metalcore band Graupel. Visit Huy's online community Hardcore Vietnam on Facebook for more info from Huy, District105, and the Vietnam hardcore community.