Prison: Outta My Head

Published by Dan SW


J Pentz/Johnny Crowder's Florida alt-metal crew Prison have released a new music video. The single, 'Outta My Head', once again demonstrates the band's willingness to redefine what kind of music can be played on rock radio. Watch the new video below.

We spoke to front Johnny about the new song and video:

I used to love metal that was dark, ominous, and challenging - that was the whole ethos behind my old band, Dark Sermon. But throughout my late 20’s and the pandemic, I realized that life can get pretty dark, ominous, and challenging, so I didn’t need any more of that from music. What I was really missing was that fun, high-energy feeling I get from listening to the bands I loved growing up, and we wanted to highlight that nostalgic, energizing vibe with this new song and video.

Lyrically, the song centers around negativity bias - the tendency that we all have to focus on the one negative comment instead of the 9 positive ones. It can be nerve-racking to share art with the world, knowing full well that plenty of people won’t like it no matter how hard you’ve worked on it. But as musicians, we know that if we spend all our time trying to contort ourselves to please the most people, we’ll lose ourselves (and our art) along the way. As tempting as it can be to cater to what people want, metal isn’t about being “liked” by everyone... it’s about expressing ourselves and creating fun, heavy, unique music that feels genuine and authentic to us. And I think we did that with this song.

'Outta My Head' was engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Austin Coupe. Video was directed by Afflux Studios