[VIDEO] Akûma: For The Beloved Bones Album Teaser

Published by Dan SW



Two hundred miles west of Mexico City, four straight edge friends came together to make sludgy doomy blackened rock n roll under the name of Akûma. Akûma are set to release their newest album, For The Beloved Bones, and have released a teaser video.

We spoke to Rigo Andrade about the new record:

Akûma is a Post-Metal/Sludge/Hardcore band from Morelia, Mexico. We’re releasing our debut album ‘For The Beloved Bones’ this late September via Magnetic Eye Records (Digital & Vinyl). And yes, we are four straight edge dudes playing music that is not that common in the straight edge music universe. Give us a listen!

For The Beloved Bones will be out this September on Magnetic Eye Records.