[VIDEO] Front Porch Step: Island of the Misfit Boy

Published by Dan SW



Front Porch Step aka Jake Mcelfresh has released an official music video for his breakthrough song Island of the Misfit Boy. Front Porch Step came to prominence over the summer following the incredible response to the original video recording, leading to being featured on the front page of Reddit, and a profile in.

We caught up with Jake to talk about the video:

I don’t give a shit if you are gay or straight. Black or white. Religious or atheist. Straight edge or a drug dealing sellout. Everyone is lost and everyone gets sad. I just hope my music lets people know that they aren’t alone. I would like to personally thank Straightedge Worldwide for believing in my music when others didn’t and I am honored to rock their shirt in my first video

The official video features a studio recording of the song, and stars Lisa Zee.