[VIDEO] Greg Bennick: One Hundred for Haiti

Published by Dan SW


Greg Bennick of TRIAL

Greg Bennick is a humanitarian filmmaker, motivational speaker, and the lead singer of Seattle straight edge band TRIAL. Bennick is also the founder and executive director of One Hundred For Haiti, a global network of “individuals, artists, businesses, and organizations” who are working on the ground in Haiti to deliver relief projects following the 2010 earthquake.

Bennick recently spoke at the Rotary Club in Seattle on the work they have been doing in the Ranquitte region in collaboration with Peacework Medical to reduce the incidence of cholera. He also spoke about the Motologistics program providing motorbike microloans for medical clinic deliveries and taxi services.Watch the video below.

If you would like to support Greg and One Hundred for Haiti, he is making himself available for all zines, podcasts, blogs, video channels, and magazines willing to provide coverage for their work in Haiti. More videos can be found on the One Hundred For Haiti website.