[VIDEO] Murder Void: Hope

Published by Dan SW

Milano deathcore band Murder Void

Frontman Mitsuiko (center) and drummer Michele (center right) of Murder Void

Milano deathcore band Murder Void are back with a new video, for the song Hope. It’s the first video release off the Milano band’s newest EP Life Is Yours. Watch the video below.

We spoke with xvx drummer Michele Riva about the video.

With “Hope” we wanted to put behind us the anger that characterized “Regret Nothing”. I think that as musicians we all have the [responsibility] to share a positive message and this is clear in the new lyrics.

Actually, “Hope” is more about a change rather than hope and you can understand this in the first line of the song (open wide your wings and carry me where the lights still shine). In the second line (tell me how should I do to fly, while my wings are burning for my sins) we [definitively] wanted to put behind us the anger and the malice of “Regret Nothing”.

It has been a year full of changes for us and this will be clear as soon as you’ll check out the other four songs from our EP “Life is yours”.

Not only is the video also directed by Riva, he is also a talented graphic designer and designed both the cover of the new Life Is Yours EP, and the Forever and Always Clothing shirt shown in the video.