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[VIDEO] AFI release White Offerings

[VIDEO] SECT release Scourge of Empire

[VIDEO] JASONxVOORHEES: HxC (Human Centipede)

[VIDEO] Wolf Down: Flames of Discontent

[VIDEO] Interview: Kevin Iavaroni of Old Wounds

[VIDEO] Being As An Ocean: Mediocre Shakespeare (NSFV)

[VIDEO] Grey Gordon: Band Parade TV Session

[VIDEO] Maladjusted: Submission

[VIDEO] GhostxShip: The Here And Now

[VIDEO] Murder Void: Hope

WOLF x DOWN seeking new vocalist

[VIDEO] PASSAGE: Who To Love, Who To Fight

[VIDEO] Swallow My Pride: Warrior (Manos de Piedra)

[VIDEO] Heaven Shall Burn: Hunters Will Be Hunted

[VIDEO] I Killed The Prom Queen: Thirty One and Sevens


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