The Rise of Vegan Straight Edge and Earth Crisis - video

Published by Dan SW


Finn McKenty's The Punk Rock MBA has put out a feature on the impact that Earth Crisis had on hardcore, Straight Edge, and veganism in general. The segment, The Rise of Vegan Straight Edge & Earth Crisis, traces the history of the vegan Straight Edge band, from their beginnings in Syracuse, through to the legacy that the band has had on the hardcore and metalcore scenes today. Watch the video below.

When it comes to the rise of vegan straightedge in the 90s hardcore scene, there is one band that deserves the credit (or blame, depending who you ask): Earth Crisis.

The video includes clips of early Earth Crisis shows, Karl Buechner's CNN appearances and interviews with Geraldo Rivera, interviews with Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy / SECT and Davey Havok of AFI / XTRMST.

The feature makes the bold claim that Earth Crisis are generally responsible for the modern popularity of veganism among young people, and uses Earth Crisis as an example of how a small group of people with a new message can have a huge impact on the world.

What do you think of this claim? Are you, or were you ever vegan? Do you think that Earth Crisis is part of the reason that you were or are vegan?