[VIDEO] Wolf Down: Flames of Discontent

Published by Dan SW


Wolf x Down

Militant German antifa straight edge / vegan hardcore band Wolf x Down have returned to debut their new vocalist with a brand new music video. The music video, for the song Flames of Discontent, borrows heavily from the iconography and aesthetic of the ns sxe and ultra cultures to reinforce the ferocity of the band’s message.

From the band:

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! We’re beyond excited to present you the video for our new song “Flames Of Discontent”! Head over to Noisey for an exclusive stream now!

„Flames Of Discontent” will be released alongside another new song on a 7“ called „Liberation EP“ on May 22nd by End Hits Records and EVIL GREED.

The 7″ will be available on limited black/green and black/red vinyl. Both versions are NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER!


The music video is inflammatory. The video can easily be understood as glorifying the type of violence that occurs as part of public protest through direct action, as part of antifa / ns rivalries, or even as part of ultra rivalries. The concern, however, is that violence between people of similar socio-economic class, such as antifa vs ns, or protesters vs the police, only serves to distract from the institutionalized inequity that gives rise to this violence. Furthermore, violence stresses the general populace, and galvanizes the fearful and complacent in favor of the security state. So what is being glorified, and is there a benefit to that glorification?

Think critically. Whether it’s mainstream media reports or social media posts. We’re inclined to interpret images and messages in ways that support our own ideas, so we need to challenge ourselves to think outside of that.

Do you think the video is too over-the-top? Do you think that the North American community is too out-of-touch with what’s happening on the ground in Europe to comment, or make judgments about the message communicated in this video?


Some further comment – what benefit will Antifa have if their actions get them criminalized? How much will this street violence contribute to us being stripped of our civil liberties, and the advancement of the security state? We can agree that much thought has been put into how to locate, identify, and physically overpower fascists. Has anyone been asking what circumstances have led to the modern rise of fascism, and what we can do to eliminate those circumstances?