[VIDEO] Grey Gordon: Band Parade TV Session

Published by Dan SW


Grey Gordon Band Parade TV session

A new live session has surfaced featuring Fort Wayne singer songwriter Grey Gordon, with brand new music website Band Parade. The session features one song from Gordon’s No Sleep Records debut Forget I Brought It Up, and a Kind of Like Spitting cover. Watch the full video session below.

From Gordon:

I did this session with Band Parade back in February. The site just recently launched. Go check out my session with them!

From Band Parade:

Hailing from Fort Wayne, IN, Gordon got his start performing as a solo act in July of 2011. After a string of demos, he recorded his debut EP, Outgrowing Hope, which he released as a free download for fans. The heavily tattooed singer identifies as vegan and straight edge, which both factor into his musical ideology, along with topics ranging from depression to more overtly political content. He draws influence from artists such as Kind of Like Spitting, Elliott Smith, Superchunk, and a large contingent of the Midwest emo movement of the 90s.

You can also check out the audio from session below.