[VIDEO] Light Your Anchor: Bury In My Mind

Published by Dan SW


Hamburg straight edge band Light Your Anchor

Hamburg straight edge band Light Your Anchor are back with another epic video, this time for the song Bury In My Mind. This is the third video release for the band off the German band’s Hopesick album, following the recent The Old Men and the Scene.

We spoke to lead vocalist Daniel about the song:

You hang out with your friends, joking around how you will get old and still be the same. Nothing will change and you´ll be best friends forever. Unfortunately, for the most of us this will not become reality. We all grow up and go through different stages in live. That’s evolution and with that evolution there is always disappointment and pain. I will disappoint people and you also do.

The Bury In My Mind video is by Ambitious.Films. Hopesick is available now through Let It Burn Records.