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[VIDEO] Luis Galaverna completes video for Dias Liquidos

Published by Dan SW


Straight edge writer-director Luis Henrique Galaverna has completed a video for Brazilian hardcore band Take Me Back. The video, for the song Dias Liquidos, features a day in the life of a typical resident of Sao Paulo, with a slight difference.

From the director:

Brazilian hardcore band Take Me Back discusses the problems of the contemporary world in its new video.

The video tells the story of a man with no face, who lost his identity as an individual. He is lost in fulfilling [his] social role. [They] live in fear of not [coping] with their responsibilities. Life in the contemporary world makes him anxious. His pace is fast, he can not sit still, having to follow in motion, leaving behind his true aspirations.

Production was handled by Agencia Soluciona.

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