[VIDEO] Moon Bandits: Property Damage: A Love Song

Published by Dan SW


Property Damage: A Love Story by Moon Bandits

Everyone’s favorite vegan / straight edge folk punk duo Moon Bandits have released a new music video. The video, for the song Property Damage: A Love Song, is the first video off the Los Angeles band’s latest full length Property Damage: A Love Story (listen here). If you’ve ever wanted to see cardboard effigies of Walmart, McDonald’s, and Whole Foods get lit on fire, now’s your chance – check the video below.

We spoke to banjo player / vocalist Tommy about the video:

We think it’s pretty cool.

Property Damage: A Love Song was filmed by  Miranda Reilly, Daniel Torres, and Cheyanne Wells. Editing was by Miranda Reilly. Props and wanton destruction of consumer products was by Bridgetown DIY.