[VIDEO] Moxy and the Influence release Stomp You Down

Published by Dan SW


Straight edge hard rock band Moxy and the Influence

Straight Edge hard rock band Moxy and the Influence has released a new music video, for the song Stomp You Down. The video is the first release of the Orange County, CA band’s The Best Revenge EP, out this May. Moxy and the Influence features Moxy Anne on vocals, Sydney Ellen on guitar, Shea Hamilton on bass, and 13-year-old “Hit Like a Girl” contest winner / Eric Singer (of KISS) protege Alexey Poblete on drums. Watch the new video below.

From the band:

Powerful and gritty, [the Stomp You Down video] blends destructive images with heavy lyrics juxtaposed against an inspirational message. In “Stomp You Down,” the band members express anger towards people and forces which selfishly seek to control them, and has a positive message of overcoming the anger and the control through personal strength.

Stomp You Down is produced by Paul Miner of Death by Stereo and recorded at Buzzbomb Studios. The video is produced and directed by C.G. Ryche. The Best Revenge EP is available now through the band’s website. Catch Moxy and The Influence opening shows for Great White and LA Guns this August.