[VIDEO] Vitamin X release About To Crack

Published by Dan SW


About to Crack by Vitamin X

Legendary Amsterdam, NL straight edge band Vitamin X have teased a new album with the release of an epic new music video. The video, for the song About To Crack, is a supreme return to form for the hardcore band, originally formed in 1997. Featuring the most bad ass skateboarding skeleton this side of the Bones Brigade and probably one of the best two-step parts you’ll hear this year, the video must be seen to be believed. Watch the new video below.

From the band:

EPIC VIDEO!! Watch a skeleton skateboard down a skyscraper and then flip off the cops! See a bunch of animated punks explode into a ball of apocalyptic fire! See Baroness’ John Baizely set a skeleton on fire! WATCH THIS! video by Marco Imov. Please comment if you can spot the guest appearances and cool writings on the wall/t-shirts etc.New album on the way!!

The About To Crack video is produced by Marco Imov of Imov Studios. Look for a new record from Vitamin X in 2016.