[VIDEO] Nails release video for Savage Intolerance

Published by Dan SW

Taylor Young and NAILS

Taylor Young (right) and NAILS

Taylor Young‘s Nails have released a new music video. The video is off the Oxnard, CA band’s third full-length record, You Will Never Be One of Us, out June 17th on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Watch the new music video below. Warning: video contains graphic imagery and may not be suitable for viewers with epilepsy.

From frontman Todd Jones:

“In fear of sounding redundant of how 97% of these pre-album release descriptions always come off, I won’t try to describe how our new album You Will Never Be One Of Us sounds. What I will tell you is that the same care and the same attention went into this album as our previous albums Unsilent Death and Abandon All Life, and our new album sounds as inspired as either of those two full length recordings.

“Our new record has some new twists and turns that are built off the foundation we laid with our previous albums, as well as a lot of familiarity that you’ve come to expect from NAILS. You Will Never Be One Of Us is for us, for our fans, and for anybody else who feels disgusted and fed-up with social-climbing impostors, trying to leech off of anything they’ve ever dedicated themselves to. I can say with 110% certainty: We will not let you down.”

“We hope you guys dig this shit. We worked really hard on everything with the LP. Wrest did the artwork which is undoubtedly the best representation NAILS has had so far for an album cover, the video you’re seeing/hearing…everything. This record represents NAILS more so than any of our other records. You Will Never Be One Of Us is the epitome of NAILS to date. It is our apex (up to this point). We know if you’re already a fan of the band that you’ll love this record. If you’ve never heard of us before, we appreciate you checking this shit out. ‘OUR PAIN IS NOT YOUR PAIN, OUR PRIDE IS NOT YOUR PRIDE – YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF US’. Much love and respect.”

You Will Never Be One Of Us was recorded, mixed and produced by Kurt Ballou. Catch Nails on the road this June in support of the new record. The band will be doing a run of US and Canada dates before heading to the UK and Europe this November.