[VIDEO] Prison release Rape Me

Published by Dan SW


Florida beatdown band Prison have released a video, for their newest song Rape Me. The song addresses the sexual abuse and trauma previously suffered by the band’s vocalist, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

From the press release:

Because of the severity of the subject matter and how personally intimate the details of the track are, I’ve asked that the members not be named, including myself,” a member of the band said. “There may be a time and place for that down the road, but right now, what matters is the anti-rape message, not who wrote it. It is still difficult for me to talk about, although funneling my trauma into a creative outlet is helping me recover – slowly but surely. I hope to one day be able to discuss this publicly without having to relive the pain. I’ve had to listen to the song on repeat to help desensitize myself before the release. Writing these words helped me feel empowered and masculine for the first time since it happened. I can only pray it helps others the way it has helped me. I can’t justify living through what I’ve lived through in vain. I have to use it as fuel.

From the band’s Facebook page:

At long last, I give to you the most personal and unsettling track I’ve ever written. I have not yet shared this information with my friends or family, and putting it into a song is the only way I could think of dealing with what I’ve been through. If you have experienced sexual trauma, know that you are not alone.
This song is dedicated to victims of sexual abuse.
If you feel sexually unsafe, SAY SOMETHING.
If you feel sexually uncomfortable, SAY SOMETHING.
If you feel sexually at risk, SAY SOMETHING.

Rape Me is available now to download or stream through the Prison Bandcamp page. No information is available on future releases from the band.