[VIDEO] The Bathroom Diaries: Episode 1

Published by Dan SW


Poster for The Bathroom Diaries

Director Jake Barsha and Producer Eric Ragan have teamed up to bring out a new television series called The Bathroom Diaries. The series tells the story of Ray Peratta, an LA probation officer (played by sxe actor Robert Paul Taylor) hitting rock bottom before getting straight. Watch the first episode below!

We spoke to actor and creator Robert Paul Taylor about the series:

Director Jake Barsha and Eric Ragan all live straight edge DRUGFREE lifestyle and have just leaked the 1st episode [online]. Of course this is a story of BEFORE Edge life and shows how a LA Probation Officer falls to his demise before coming into the edge life.

The Bathroom Diaries is adapted from the memoir Paris in Flames, a true story of drug abuse, sex, spiritual shame, and glamor in Hollywood. Stay up-to-date on all episodes at The Bathroom Diaries website.