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[VIDEO] Trogen till döden (True Till Death)

Published by Dan SW

Straight edge documentary Trogen till Döden (True Till Death) has been made freely available for the first time. The Swedish film production focuses on the the straight edge scenes in Umeå, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Gävle, and Malmö.

Although not a historical documentary, the film provides an interesting look at the scene from the view of the people in it, and features interviews with, among others:

José Saxlund of Abhinanda
Photographer Mårten Persson
Television personality Lars Bergström
Illustrator Marc Strömberg
Staffan Snitting of Stay Hungry, Sectarian Violence,
Jann sjöström, formerly of Lose The Life,
Andrea Cegnic of Lose The Life
Mattias Rasmussen of Anchor
Tattoo artist Emil Edge of Stay Hungry
BMX rider Bahadir Güngör
Crossfitter Steph Schwartz
Johan Ekstrom and Linus Klangflod of Stockholm Straight Edge
David Jannati and Thomas Floren of 026 Hardcore
Eric Persson of Hårda Tider

Direction and camera work is by Andreas Ljungman. Editing is by Niclas Lindahl and Andreas Ljungman. English subtitles have been provided by Andrea Cengic and Klas Sivertson. Watch the documentary below:


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