D-Beatstro featured in NOW Magazine: All Ages safety

Published by Dan SW

Chris Cammarata's D-Beatstro

Photo by YOSH Photography

Chris Cammarata’s DIY venue and vegan cafe D-Beatstro has been featured in a NOW Magazine article on making All-Ages venues safer for young people in Toronto. The issue has come to the forefront following several reports of sexual assaults and rapes perpetrated against intoxicated young people at several of the city’s venues during All-Ages shows. The article, entitled HOW CAN WE MAKE TORONTO’S ALL-AGES SCENE SAFER?, describes how D-Beatstro’s strict no drugs / no alcohol policy and low booking fees make D-Beatstro the go-to place for new bands with under-age audiences.

From the NOW Magazine article:

For Montebello, 25, and co-owner Chris Cammarata, 30, eliminating alcohol is essential to creating a safe space. D-Beatstro doesn’t have a liquor licence and is strict about keeping out bootlegged booze and intoxicated patrons. They also believe fostering a community helps keep everyone safe. To get young people to care, they give them the opportunity to book their own shows.

“I’ve been booking all-ages shows for over 10 years now, and finding a physical space has always been the biggest barrier,” says Montebello. “We’re one of the only spaces where a 16-year-old can book a show and not lose $500,” adds Cammarata. It costs $100 to rent the space for the night, and the promoter and performers get to keep 100 per cent of door sales.

D-Beatstro opened in early 2015 and styles itself as “a community driven vegan cafe and DIY/DIT event space.” To book a show at D-Beatstro, contact the venue directly. Click here to read the full article.

Ian Slagle of Motives at D-Beastro

Ian Slagle (Motives) at D-Beatstro. Photo by Staff