[AUDIO] BI$HOP: Everything In Vein

Published by Dan SW


Florida straight edge band xBISHOPx

On-again / off-again Florida straight edge band BI$HOP have reactivated with a brand new record after six years of silence. Everything In Vein is the first record from the band since 2009’s Asylum, and is set for release this July 24th through frontman Pete Kowalsky‘s own Dead Truth Recordings. The album release will include a tour this summer with Billy Nottke‘s Shai Hulud and Andrew Vacante‘s Vice. Listen to three tracks from the upcoming full length below.

From the band:

OK! The time has come to release a couple songs and put preorders up. There are different covers and a song that is exclusive to the format, so the cd and 10″ have a slightly different track listing. There is a shirt that is only available with this preorder. There are 2 color ways of vinyl. There are a ton of options. Thank you for your support in all of this. Thank you for everyone who made this possible (Iceman Studios, Bart Seltzer, Mike C, Dead Truth Recordings).

Hopefully we will be in your city this summer or shortly after.


The response to the new songs, MPB cover, etc has been awesome. Thank you again for supporting us.

We have never been a hype band or a cool band and we never strived to be. We’re just some shitty straight edge kids (or dudes) that happen to write music together. We are essentially putting this out ourselves, so all the support means the world. EIV came out better than we expected. We have some awesome guest spots from people that we respect as musicians and as people such as Daniel from Die Young/Band of Mercy, Shane from Down In It, Victor from Fero Lux/Gouge Away, Powder from Coldside/Sweet Nothings and Warren from No Restraint. We recorded a shit ton of covers from bands that we all or most of us love such as I Hate You, Indecision, Most Precious Blood, Left For Dead and Zao (as fucked up as that mix is). EIV is musically a step farther and lyrically a huge leap.

Music will always be a weapon. Indecision had a liner note from “Only the Dead Know Brooklyn” that said (and I’m paraphrasing here) hardcore without a message is just heavy metal. That always stuck with me. We hope you enjoy these new songs and the rest of the record. 

Catch BI$HOP on the road beginning August 1st. Everything In Vein is available to pre-order through Dead Truth Recordings.