[AUDIO] Lawbringer: Flesh – Blood – Stone

Published by Dan SW

Billy Johnson' Lawbringer

Billy Johnson (right) with Lawbringer

William ‘Billy’ Johnson‘s Lawbringer bridge the gap between thrash and hardcore better than many bands that have come before them. This is never more apparent than on their last release Flesh – Blood – Stone. Released in December, the album is a behemoth mixing influences from grind, thrash, and hardcore and fronted by Johnson’s raspy vocal. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

We have continued to play our own style of metal, blending the old with the new, for nearly tens years now.

We have no plans of stopping or slowing down.

Flesh – Blood – Stone was recorded by Niko Albanese at Thanasphere Productions in Bloomington, IN. The album is available to download or stream through the Lawbringer Bandcamp page.