[AUDIO] Sinking Ships: Disconnecting

Published by Dan SW


Sinking Ships

Classic Seattle straight edge band Sinking Ships have begun making their discography online. The offering began with the band’s 2006 full length Disconnecting, and now includes two 7-inch records and the Ten EP. Listen to Disconnecting below.

From the band:

Out of sheer boredom and not being able to sleep the other night, i realized there was a lack of sinking ships musical presence on band camp. The plan is to upload some of the other releases 7″ records, splits, etc that are a little more hard to come by. I don’t think we have any current physical copies of any of our material to sell, but you can find that elsewhere.

Sinking Ships were active from 2004 – 2008 and released material on Run For Cover Records, Revelation Records, and 6131.