[AUDIO] Brave Out: Growing Distance

Published by Dan SW


Today we are featuring the latest EP from Junichiro Yoshikawa‘s Brave Out. The Osaka, Japan youth crew ambassadors released the Growing Distance EP this past March. The band wastes no time getting it done, cramming five new songs into only eight minutes – listen to the new record below!

From the band:

We’ll release “GROWING DISTANCE” from FIRED STOMP RECORDS on 18th MAR, and now you can stream all songs on our bandcamp page!!

Sounds are aggressive and passionate YOUTH CREW.

If you live outside Japan and want to get this new 7″, please contact with us! We can send it you!!

Growing Distance is available now through Fired Stomp Records or the Brave Out merch store. The record is available to download or stream through the Brave Out Bandcamp page.