[AUDIO] Days of Confussion release Canciones sobre Política y Religión

Published by Dan SW


Fabio Gavidia and Miguel Mejía have released a new record with their band Days of Confussion. The second record from the San Salvador hardcore punk band is entitled Canciones sobre Política y Religión (Songs about Politics and Religion). The record is produced by Jorge of Toma El Riesgo.

We spoke to guitar player Fabio about his band, and the new record:

We are a Hardcore band, some of our members have played in other bands that have several straight Edge influence, such as Mike (bass) in Con Valor Para Vencer and me, Fabio, who founded Reaxion.

Our Friend Jorge helped us to put the EP, we are a very underground and enthusiastic label artist but scene is going bigger and crazier in El Salvador and all Central America. The community has gotten strong and more kinds are coming to the shows.

I firmly believe that this is a very unique opportunity for Hardcore and Straight Edge in Latin America to show we can make changes not only in shows but lyrically involving politics, beliefs and making kinds to think for themselves to create their own and best path. We are very pleased to belong a community like this and we love what we do. We we hope you give us a listen


Canciones sobre Política y Religión (Songs about Politics and Religion) is available now to download or stream through the Days of Confussion Bandcamp page.