[AUDIO] Withdrawal release Never

Published by Dan SW


Adam Dyson‘s Withdrawal continue to blend their black metal influences into the hardcore scene with the release of their first LP, out November 28th. Released only 8 years after the band’s formation, Never represents the culmination of everything Withdrawal is and ever wished to be. Listen to the vicious new record below.

From Dyson’s Facebook page:

K so today Withdrawal put up the pre-order for our LP. All fucking around aside, we worked endlessly on every aspect of this record. We made sure it sounded psychotic. We went above and beyond to make sure the artwork is beautiful and that the packaging was timeless. Yeah, it took forever to do but we didn’t cut any corners and didn’t compromise anything.

Proud of everything about it. Glad to be working with Michael Phillips on it. Proud to have played with Jeff, Mike, Joel K Dyson and fuckin’ Brad White. My respect to Jay Bones, Cody X Devvald and any member who put effort in to propel us towards it (except for Max Power). If you want to condense the last 8 years of my life and all the fucked up shit I’ve done into 32 minutes on a slap of Vinyl, here it is.

From Escapist Records:

Revenge. Paranoia. Dismay. Withdrawal emerges from three years of silence to collaborate with Escapist Records for the release of their debut full-length, “Never.” The band’s first LP boasts eleven scathing offerings of miserablist metallic hardcore. With “Never” Withdrawal continue to spread their message of despair and delusion, holding nothing back across a thirty-four minute labyrinth of Holy Terror influenced hardcore.

Never was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brent McCrea at Private Ear Studios. Additional recording at Posi-Tracks Studios. Art by Sarah Sheil. Four versions of the vinyl release are available, including Opaque Pink, Coke Bottle Clear, Black, and Test. All vinyl copies come packaged with a digital version of the LP. The first 50 pre-orders will receive a limited-edition zine delving into the lyrical themes of “Never” featuring original artwork by Jacob Abernathy. Pre-order now through Escapist Records.