[AUDIO] Discontent release DIY debut Purge EP

Published by Dan SW


The boys in Atlanta had nothing to do one day, so they formed a band and released an EP under the name Discontent. The band set a new precedent for DIY, completely obliterating any delusions about how cheaply a record can be made these days. The Purge EP was written and recorded by the band, all in one day. Listen to the debut EP below.

We spoke to guitar player Wes about how the record came together:

The idea to record a straight edge Ep came from the fact that there’s not an abundance of straight edge bands or music coming out of our area. We’re from Atlanta, Ga, so with Foundation not being a band anymore there really isn’t a strong straight edge presence anymore band-wise.

We wanted to keep the Ep sounding as raw as possible so we went with a pretty unmixed approach with it.

The whole writing and tracking in one day idea kind of just came from wanting it to sound raw and we wanted to put the music out quick so people can hear it. A lot of the songs were actually written with the record button pressed. Like guitars for “Minority” [were] tracked all in one take and I was playing it completely off the top of my head. Vocals probably took the longest out of everything to track. We had a friend come in that had never done anything musically before to come in [and] track vocals for a few songs.

Honestly this was just a bunch of friends sitting in our buddies room him [in] his attic, tired of this “let’s get drunk/ high” mentality. So we jumped up and tracked an Ep in 10 hrs that day.

The art for the Ep was super simple and was made the same day we tracked. We literally went on Microsoft word, typed it out, printed it off, we crumbled up the sheet of paper, I took a picture of it on my phone in some decent lighting, then we edited it on someone’s Instagram. It took all of 5 minutes to do. I think we’ve just all been in bands in the past that have taken things way [too] overboard. People like to spend a ton of money to have other people do stuff for their band like art and tracking and stuff. Where if they do it themselves it’s a lot cheaper, not to mention faster.

As of right now the band has no plans to release the record on vinyl or cassette. The Purge EP is available now to download or stream through the Discontent Bandcamp page.