[AUDIO] Drug Control: ST

Published by Dan SW


California straight edge band Drug Control

San Diego straight edge band Drug Control are slangin’ chains and takin’ names – the band has just released an EP on CoinTossRecords (USA) and Straight and Alert Records (France). The new self-titled record features five tracks of straight ahead, high-intensity hardcore.

From CoinToss Records:

This band started in 2014 and have been playing non stop and don’t plan on slowing down. This 7″ is a great example of that, it is fast and to the point just like SSD, Warzone, and Agnostic Front.

You can listen and buy the record here – You can get a limited T-Shirt bundle, test presses and all the different colors. This is a split label release between us and STRAIGHT & ALERT records, if [you’re overseas] get it from them to save on shipping.

Drug Control‘s ST is available to stream or download through the Straight and Alert Bandcamp page. Vinyl pre-orders are available now through CoinTossRecords and Straight and Alert. Listen to the new record below!