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Cleansing: The Pleasures That Lead

Published by Dan SW

In advance of the upcoming release of their newest EP 'Dark Current', we're featuring Finnish Straight Edge band Cleansing's first EP 'The Pleasures That Lead', originally released in September of 2019. Listen to the record below.

From drummer Niko:

I'm writing to you to share the debut release of the new-coming Finnish straight edge metal group, Cleansing. It is called 'The Pleasures That Lead' and we would want to spread the word about our work around the world for all straight edge people to hear. The release itself brings out a new style of metallic hardcore, mixing sounds from different genres of metal while maintaining the pure anger from the golden era of the 90's hardcore.

'The Pleasures That Lead' is available now to download or stream through Bandcamp. Recording, mixing, and mastering is by Timi Jetsu. The record is being handled by Bound By Modern Age Records.


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