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Holy Spirit release debut demo - audio

Published by Dan SW

Alexis Fawn's Holy Spirit have released their debut debut. Holy Spirit are an anti-capitalist powerviolence band based out of Toronto. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Holy Spirit is a hardcore band from Toronto, and they just released their first EP this week on Bandcamp. Their heavy sound delivers lyrics that deal with identity, transcendence, and class consciousness, all while remaining critical of the shortcomings of liberal feminism and the emerging right-wing movements cropping up around the world.

The band is made up of Autumn Easterbrook on vocals, Peter Mahoney on guitar, Alison Lang on bass, and Mary-Alexis on drums.

We also spoke to Alexis about her experiences within the Straight Edge community:

My message for straight edge kids is one that is central to straight edge hardcore, and that is the importance of embracing who you are - your natural interests and gifts - and rejecting all paths and people that put you down for being yourself. I continually have to remind myself that it's okay to not fit in with everyone, and the sxe scene is filled with so many amazing people and insights that make this easier to enact. Our scene is about community and loving the journey to being your best self, and for my own self this includes keeping a clear mind that can allow me to better align my actions with my values.

Sxe music inspires me to want to do more, to "start today", and to be someone that makes a difference - and if you are ever unsure about what you're doing in your own life, then the people, the lyrics, and the sxe lifestyle will always be here to lift you up and support you. We all feel out of step with the world sometimes, but we can always come together to make the one we want to see, and it starts with you and me being true to who we are, right now, and it starts today.

The Holy Spirit debut demo is available now to download or stream through Bandcamp.

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