Unity: You Are One

Published by Dan SW


California Straight Edge band Unity are considered to be the originators of the West Coast Straight Edge scene. The band released their first  You Are One on Wishingwell Records in 1985, with a re-release on Indecision Records in 1999. Listen to the record below.

From Indecision Records:

The history of Unity is very sparse due largely to the fact that they only played a handful of shows in their [existence]. Much more can be said for the ground they broke for future hardcore bands in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Members Pat Dubar and Pat Longrie went on to form the highly influentual band Uniform Choice shortly after Unity's demise, UC quickly became the local area's premiere hardcore band and were always marred with controversy, good and bad.

Founding member and guitarist Joe Foster served a very short stint with No For An Answer in 1989 and didn't reappear until 1994 with a new band that went by the name of Ignite. Joe left Ignite in 1997 and started Speak 714 with former No For An Answer frontman Dan O'Mahoney and left the band without ever even playing a show with them. It's doubtful that we've heard the last of any of these guys so don't be too surprised if you happen to hear their names again soon.

You Are One is available now to download or stream through the Indecision Records Bandcamp page.