Down In It sign to Good Fight Music

Published by Dan SW


Wilmington, NC vegan / straight edge band Down In It has been signed to Good Fight Music. The band joins Kevin Iavaroni and Old Wounds on the label.

From the official press release:

Good Fight Music welcomes Down In It to its family of bands.

From Wilmington, North Carolina, Down In It takes a fresh new stab at the chugging assault of the heaviest ’90s hardcore, a sound purveyed back in the day by bands like Earth Crisis, Another Victim, and Adamantium. The young band, founded in 2014, has honed its pit anthems touring with the likes of Old Wounds and Renounced. An upcoming spring tour will see them tour the US with Savannah crew Vatican.

The band’s most recent release is a 2015 split with No Restraint, recorded by Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon).

Good Fight’s Rick Barnhart says, “We are really excited about Down In It. The band has come a long way in the year we have been aware of them. The progression from their demos to the songs on the No Restraint split is like night and day, and we are looking forward to hearing this next round of songs. Down In it is a band that would have been right at home in Ferret’s early days, among Disembodied, For The Love Of, and Torn Apart, but fits perfectly with Good Fight and our family in 2016.”

The debut album from Down In It will be released on Good Fight Music later in 2016. Catch the bannd on the road in March and April with Vatican. In the meantime, check out the official music video for Heresy, from the band’s Humanity Has Failed split with No Restraint: