Gab De La Vega raising funds to support Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti

Published by Dan SW


Gab De La Vega is now raising funds for One Hundred for Haiti

Italy’s own XVX troubadour Gab De La Vega has launched campaign to raise funds for Haiti following the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew. All funds raised from De La Vega’s 2015 Never Look Back on Bandcamp will go to Trial frontman Greg Bennick‘s own One Hundred For Haiti 501c3 non-profit organization. One Hundred For Haiti has been on the ground in Haiti providing social development assistance following the 2010 earthquake.

From De La Vega:

Hey friends, this is very important. I guess many of you have seen the terrible pictures coming from Haiti in these weeks. Hurricane Matthew hit this country very hard. Haiti is already struggling because of poverty and the consequences of an earthquake that happened in 2010. People are in need of clean and drinkable water, shelter, food, medical assistance, and everything that is basic not just to live, but to survive. We can’t even fully understand how lucky we are to live where we live. We have everything we need and even more…maybe too much.

We need to do something, even a little help from each everyone of us can make a big difference if we all contribute.

This is what I’m asking you. A little help:

1. Visit

2. Download my album “Never Look Back”

3. Donate 4 € for the full album download. You can also donate more if you want.

4. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO One Hundred For Haiti:

5. Visit the One Hundred For Haiti website, learn more about this organization and how you can help. The organization is run by a group of people including a trusted and dear friend of mine, Greg Bennick from the bands Trial and Between Earth & Sky. I trust this organization completely. Please check for more information about them.

6. Repost this and invite your friends to download and donate; raise awareness about the situation in Haiti.

Bandcamp has a link to send a recording as a gift. So if someone already downloaded the songs for themselves, they could also send it as gift to a friend.

I’ll add my contribution on top of your donations. All together we can make a difference for the people in Haiti. This world is a global community. There are many people in need and many places to put our support. For this moment, join me in helping in Haiti. One Hundred For Haiti is already active and working in Haiti, but the current situation after the hurricane requires a bigger effort and it has to be now. I’ll leave this benefit download active for at least two weeks. I’ll send all money right after that.

I am sure you would like proof of your contribution actually making a difference so I can post the amount I send and then Greg and the team can let us all know – and I can update you myself – about how your donations were used.

Thank you for your support, please share this to help us reach more people!

Gab De La Vega

Never Look Back is available to download through De La Vega’s Bandcamp page. More information about Greg Bennick’s One Hundred For Haiti can be found here.