Lawson Pruett biking Atlanta to Asheville in support of animal rights

Published by Dan SW


XVX cyclist Lawson Pruett

XVX track cyclist Lawson Pruett is set to bike a 230-mile route from Atlanta, GA to Asheville, NC in support of animal rights. The ride will take place from November 16 – 19. Pruett is heavily involved in both the cycling and XVX communities, opposing drinking and bar culture in the cycling scene through Up In Arms (#up_in_arms). Pruett has also collaborated on #LivingxProof, a movement dedicated to positive progress through riding bikes and being active in general. Pruett currently races track for Outback Bikes.

From Pruett:

Dear friends and family,

I joined Team Humane League because I believe in The Humane League’s mission to reduce animal suffering. With more than 9 billion land animals raised in the U.S. every year for meat, milk, and eggs, I can’t stand by while they suffer on today’s factory farms.

Please support me as I take on the road to Asheville from Atlanta more than doubling my [efforts] on a fixed gear bike for The Humane League! My training will be focused on clean vegan nutrition (mostly clean…) and track specific performance for several weeks followed by working my way [back] into some more serious distances here and there (including some riding and camping).

Please make a donation to support my efforts! 100% of the funds raised by Team Humane League will go to support our local grassroots advocacy to reduce animal cruelty and outreach to raise awareness of factory farming and encourage replacing meat with plant-based foods.

Thank you so much for supporting me! Your encouragement will keep me focused on my goals and your donations will make such a difference for animals!

For the animals,

The Humane League vegan not-for-profit advocacy group promotes the humane treatment of animals from a network of offices across the United States.  To support or donate to The Humane League, or for more information on the organization’s work, visit The Humane League website. To support or donate to the ride, visit Pruett’s fundraising campaign. Following Pruett on Instagram at @frogidropout.