Rich Casey launching Rust Belt Barbering & Salon Co

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Rich Casey's Rust Belt Barbering

Depew, NY entrepreneur Rich Casey has announced his newest endeavor, Rust Belt Barbering & Salon Co. The shop will open in Spring 2015, and a line of custom beard oils is already available. The salon is planned as a hang-out and community destination, and will feature signings with some of the bands that Casey works with through his apparel / scrim printing company, R & D Express Print, or met through touring with Bury Your Dead.

We spoke to Rich about the new company, his come-up, and of course the straight edge:

What’s up everyone!? My name is Rich Casey. I’ve been Edge forever! When I say forever I have never tried anything, and honestly can’t [bear] to take prescriptions/pain relievers unless I absolutely have to.

I got involved with the hardcore scene at an early age, and was going to shows pretty much whenever there were shows. Whether it was catching rides from mom (Thanks mom, I love you), or rides from my older friends, I couldn’t get enough! Still till this day I love shows, and the music. After a while I met a ton of people and started to play in bands, and meeting people out of state while playing shows.

I joined Bury Your Dead during the “you had me at hello” days and toured with them until 2006. I did everything from play bass, manage, and book for us when we didn’t have those key people in place.

I also started my print company R & D Express Print which now brings me to a different side of the business where today I provide national touring bands, labels, managements, and more anything printed.

Rich Casey and wife Rachel

Rich Casey and wife Rachel

At this point in my life my focus is my family and paving the way for my two boys Taylor who is 7, and Landon who is 2. I decided this year I was going to bring something different to the Buffalo, NY area and open a new business called Rust Belt Barbering & Salon Co.

What is that you ask?

We are/will be an upscale traditional UNISEX Barbershop/Salon. We will bring past times to the present and make our establishment a classy “Social Club” where we will have bands come hang, do signings, Fight nights, Game Nights, and many other community events to help with the great upswing that Buffalo is going through.

We are falling short on the buildout of our fine establishment and I wanted to put out some quality shirts, beard oils, and other products to help raise the difference or a portion of what we are short. So, we put up a store, are doing pre-order on our apparel, but also have some beard oils that are in stock and ready to ship. Some people want to just make a donation, and some people want to pay x amount of dollars and come into the shop for an executive cut and shave.

All of these things are possible, and all funds will be used towards the remainder of the work that needs to be done. If this isn’t for you or you do not have the means to support I ask that you at least share, spread the word, or tell someone who might be interested, because that is a huge help in itself as well.

Thanks In Advance for your time, and hope everyone had a great, safe, and happy 2015 and beyond!

Casey is currently selling Rust Belt Barbering beard oil and clothing in order to fund the final build-out of the shop. Hit up their online store, or enter to win two 30 mL bottles of beard oil by visiting the straightedgeworldwide Instagram page.