Envision bass player feuds with founder following expulsion from band

Published by Dan SW


In what reads like something out of The Hard Times, former Envision bass player Gerry Hubley and founder Ian Hart have begun feuding following Hubley’s unceremonious expulsion from the Halifax straight edge band.

From the Envision Facebook page:

Some dis-heartening news….long time Envision band member Gerry Hubley has been let go from the band. His attitude, demeanour, & appearance did not represent the positive youth crew. Have fun fucking for fun, you fuck! XXX

Although most likely either the result of a vicious sense of humor or a hacked Facebook account, the poorly-spelled, petty argument has been raging all day in the band’s comments.

Only time will tell if this is even real life. No news yet on any new Envision music. In the meantime, hardcore lives.


As suspected, it was all a big prank. Well, they got me!

Well, we have all had a little bit of fun today…I assumed the atrocious grammar and spelling were a dead give away that this was entirely made up but of course I was proven wrong once again. Gerry filled in on bass for one show in 2004, he has never been straight edge and lives 20 hours away. There you go…just goofing around. Sorry to disappoint!! We did get quite a few new likes today surprisingly, and I’d like to capitalize on that but we have no merch left at all so just download all our stuff for free! Cheers!