Zero Progress, Edgeland members launch The Hard Times

Published by Dan SW


Former Zero Progress members Matt and Ed Saincome have joined with Bill Conway of the Edgeland podcast to launch The Hard Times, a hardcore satire news magazine. The magazine launched in December following the break up of Zero Progress last September.

We spoke to Matt Saincome, formerly known as “The Champ”, about the new venture:

The Hard Times, the hardcore’s world answer to the Onion, has taken over every punk’s newsfeed in the last month since its launch. The satire site is actually run by three straight edge guys. Matt and Ed Saincome of chain swingin’ Zero Progress fame, and Bill Conway of the Edgeland Podcast. The site pokes fun at every punk archetype, including straight edge.

The site boasts article titles like “Every Straight Edge Band Seeking Drummer“, and “Ian MacKaye Prepares For Another Long Day of Documentary Interviews.” Visit for more. You can also help out by sending 10 headline ideas through their contact page.