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Gab De La Vega: Perfect Texture - video

Published by Dan SW

Vegan Straight Edge troubadour Gab De La Vega has released a new video, for the song Perfect TexturePerfect Texture is the first video release from De La Vega's latest full length Beyond Space and Time. Watch the new music video below, co-directed by De La Vega and released on De La Vega's own Epidemic Records.

De La Vega talked about the meaning behind the song:

It seems to me that the boundaries between what's real and what's fake tend to be undefined nowadays. Everything runs at twice the speed today and it has become so superficial that we don't even bother questioning if our perceptions are real. This has an impact on everything.

For example, it's easy to take a quick glance at a person's life through the lenses of social media and think they are having the greatest of lives, when in fact they are not as shiny as they look.

The comforting flawless surface of this post-truth world we internalize deteriorates the connections to the (real) world and to the people in it. It leads to loneliness, social anxiety, fear of judgment and gets us involved in a perpetual chase for easy distraction and interactions based on instant gratification.

It's easy to be dragged into this game, but eventually there's a way out. When the walls around us grow taller and the room around us gets smaller, we just need to reach out for the handle and pull it: there's another world outside, in which we can truly be ourselves, with flaws and virtues and have healthy interactions with the each other. It is liberty in its purest form.

The video for Pefect Texture is directed by Bradley James Allen. Second Unit Director/Cinematographer is Jaden D. Car rental by Time Machine For Hire, Burlington, ON. Beyond Space and Time is available now through Epidemic Records. and Backbite Records.

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