Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks defeated by Mike Jackson at UFC 225

Published by Dan SW


Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks was defeated by Mike Jackson on Saturday night at UFC 225. Brooks was 0-1 coming into the match, following a UFC defeat to Mickey Gall in 2015. Mike Jackson came into the match with a 0-1 record in MMA and UFC, with his first loss also coming at the hands of Mickey Gall, but has a 4-0 record as a boxer and 1-0 record as a kickboxer. The men were fighting in welterweight division in Brooks' hometown of Chicago. Watch the full fight below.

Brooks put up a strong showing, getting good takedowns in the first and second rounds, but Jackson's striking was stronger with more solid connections. Ultimately Brooks showed his lack of experience during the second round when he got stuck on his back taking hits from Jackson and unable to mount a basic defense or escape. Although Brooks survived the fight without a knock out or submission, Jackson was given the win by decision. Brooks was gracious on defeat, both in the ring and out.

Following the match, UFC head Dana White made an announcement during the post match press conference that both fighters were now done with their UFC careers - Brooks because he's unable to compete at the UFC level, and Jackson because of showboating.