Published by Dan SW


Toronto vegan Straight Edge band STREET JUSTICE have released a new video off their latest record, 'Vegan Future'. The video, for the song 'Scum World', is the first video release from the band, which features Mike Parsram of Cold Shoulder/Wish You Death, xdarrenx (ex-Powerbomb), Peter Ellman of Cohezion, and Jules Parris (ex-Powerbomb). Watch the new video below.

On the song:

[Scum World] is about caring what’s happening out there. It’s about seeing cruelty, injustice, racism, speciesism, etc, and choosing to face it rather than ignore it. It’s about the frustration of seeing pain and misery being allowed to continue endlessly because people don’t care or wont do anything to change it.

We called the song scum world because it feels like this planet is a torturous hellscape for literally trillions of its inhabitants, but it’s also a song about hope. It’s about the power to remove yourself and your support from a system that exploits the defenceless...

It’s about realizing that change starts within you. it’s basically a cover of the Michael Jackson song “Man [in] the Mirror” and i’m fine with that lol. 

SCUM WORLD is directed by Brendon Padjasek of BKP Media. 'Vegan Future' is available now through the STREET JUSTICE Bandcamp page.