[VIDEO] A Traitor Like Judas, Hardcore Help Foundation vinyl release

Published by Dan SW


Group photo of Jasper Older's A Traitor Like Judas

Jasper Older‘s A Traitor Like Judas have teamed up with the Hardcore Help Foundation to put out a special edition vinyl release of the German hardcore band’s 2013 Let It Burn Records album Guerilla Heart. The limited edition vinyl records will be available alongside vegan cookies at a number of upcoming A Traitor Like Judas shows throughout the month of December.

We spoke to Jasper about the release:

My band make a DIY special edition for the Hardcore Help Foundation, [which] is also supporting the edge!

100% of all the money we will donate to the HHF; [it’s] over 1000 euro!

The band has also made a short promotional video to announce the release: