[VIDEO] Heaven Shall Burn: Hunters Will Be Hunted

Published by Dan SW


German straight edge / vegan metal band Heaven Shall Burn live

Today we are featuring a music video from German vegan / straight edge metallers Heaven Shall BurnHunters Will be Hunted was the first music video off the band’s 2013 album Veto. The video features German model and actress Denise Rombouts.

From guitar player Maik Weichert:

The topic of the video is very important to us. No matter if it’s hobby hunters in our regions, tourists going hunting in Africa or the ineffable whalers that Sea Shepherd are luckily setting more and more bounds to – Theodor Heuss’ (first President of the Federal Republic of Germany) words are universal: ‘Hunting is merely a cowardly circumlocution for the especially cowardly murder of fellow creatures who don’t have a chance. Hunting is a variant of human mental illness.’

The video is a bit unusual for a metal band, but we think it is a little different and standing out against the normal stereotypes of the scene. We are really proud that we could win Denise Rombouts over for the main female role. It was great fun working with such a talented and professional model. She really taught every one of us a lesion when it came down to being tough and keep on working during an ice cold winter day.“

The music video was produced and directed by Film-M and Philipp Hirsch. Veto is available now through Century Media Records.