[VIDEO] Parkway Drive release Dark Days, album update

Published by Dan SW



Winston McCall‘s Parkway Drive have returned somewhat enlightened following their world tour featured in the Home Is For The Heartless DVD. Their newest music video, entitled Dark Days, reflects some of the harsh realities they encountered whilst on the road. The song comes from their fourth album, Atlas, set for release this October 30th through Epitaph Records.

A statement has been released to coincide with the new video, excerpted here:

Recorded in Los Angeles with esteemed producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, etc.), the soon-to-be-released Atlas sets the standard in musical progression by pushing musical boundaries and drawing from a wider scope of influence. From heavy, technically advanced riffs and rapid fire blast beats, to haunting death growls combined with fervent vocals and symphonic melodies, Atlas’s ferocious mix of metal and hardcore reaches new horizons with songs such as “Dark Days,” “Old Ghost / New Regrets” and “The River,” all of which will have fans careening straight for the circle pit.

“Atlas is a culmination of ten years,” says McCall. “Ten years of Parkway Drive, ten years of travel, ten years of being alive and watching our world spiral out of control. We’re not holding anything back, we’re not pulling any punches, and this world deserves nothing less.”

“Reading the lyrics to Atlas after watching the DVD… I think you will have more of a sense of where we are coming from,” McCall reveals. “The album is called Atlas because it’s a combination of the [traveling] we’ve done over the past year, while also playing on the idea of Atlas, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

Atlas is currently up for pre-order; Home Is For The Heartless is available now.