[AUDIO] Prison release NGRI

Published by Dan SW


Johnny Crowder of Dark Sermon and Jonathan Pentz of Ceruleus have been working on a project for the last few years that has generally stayed below the radar. With the dissolution of Dark Sermon, now is the time for Prison to shine. The band has self-released their debut EP, entitled NGRI (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity). Listen to the heavy new record below.

From Crowder:

We stepped away from our other bands to form this one, with a focus on mental illness and abuse victim advocacy. Everyone in the scene is dealing with some sort of issue like this, or has a loved one who does. We’re just trying to spread awareness and bring healing to an underground that tends to lean towards darkness.

As you can imagine, starting over has been a real pain in the neck. Going from 9 years with DS, being signed to Nuclear Blast and eOne, to building something from the ground up isn’t easy, and every little post that floats around with Prison’s new music on it will help us regain lost ground.

The band has already faced criticism for focusing so heavily on mental illness. Crowder put out a statement in response to the criticism:

You think we’re using mental illness as a gimmick to boost record sales?

Why don’t you tell that to UCF so they’ll revoke my Psychology degree?

Why don’t you tell that to the support group I’m leading tonight so they’ll ignore my guidance?

Why don’t you tell that to the Florida Certification Board so they’ll kick me out of facilitator training?

Why don’t you tell that to the National Alliance on Mental Illness so they’ll stop me from speaking at their events?

Why don’t you tell that to my loved ones who had to wake up every morning wondering whether or not I was still alive?

Everything I share with you all, through my music, words, or actions is 100% true. If you had any idea what I’ve been through or the measures I’m taking to bring healing to this world in the wake of my own pain, you’d know it’s not a show.

Remember, the best stories aren’t fiction. The best music is riveting because it’s honest.

I’d never lie about mental health. It’s life or death.

Love. – J

NGRI is available now as a digital download, physical CD, and with merch bundles through the Prison Bandcamp page.