[AUDIO] Step Back release Suffer Forever

Published by Dan SW


Los Angeles straight edge band Step Back has released their debut EP. Suffer Forever is a metal-influenced beatdown hardcore record in the tradition of First Blood and Bodycount. Listen to the heavy new record below.

We spoke to drummer Anaiah Lei about the band and record:

Step Back is a Los Angeles straight edge hardcore group featuring Clemente Rodriguez (Vocals), Cesar Rodriguez (Bass), Burt Reyes (Guitar) and Anaiah Lei (Drums). Formed in late 2016, the band has gathered influence from groups such as Meraduer, Bad Seed, Irate and Stigmata. The band’s sound is a conglomerate, blending aggressive NYHC, late 80s heavy metal, and groove oriented metal together. This is evident in their debut EP “Suffer Forever”. Consisting of four tracks, each song is unique and showcases these different styles clearly. From fast and heavy thrash, to steady tempo grooves, and brutal vocals to top it off.

Suffer Forever was record 993K Studios. Mixing and mastering is by Fabian Rubio. The record is available now to download or stream through the Step Back Bandcamp page.