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xSigo Aquix release Nadie Apagará – AUDIO

Published by Dan SW

Costa Rica straight edge band xSigo Aquix have released their debut record Nadie Apagará (Can’t Be Erased). The band features former members of Direcciones, Miseria, Dumah, and Made To Be Strong. Listen to the new album, featuring a guest performance by Jorge Erazo of straight edge band Toma el Riesgo, below.

We spoke to bass player Omar about the record and his new band:

We are a new band from Costa Rica with ex members of Direcciones, Miseria, Dumah and Made to be Strong. The lyrics of our band talk about Straight Edge and the style of the music [is] Youth Crew/Hardcore punk.

[On] 14 July we shared our first album on Facebook and Bandcamp, and [we] hope to upload on Spotify and iTunes soon.

The album has 10 songs with special guests Jorge Erazo from Toma el Riesgo (El Salvador), Ronny Hernandez from El Oponente and Indeleble (Costa Rica), Federico from Excusas (Argentina) and Pauli from Trincheta (Argentina).

Nadie Apagará is available to download or stream through the xSigo Aquix Bandcamp page. The record was recorded and mixed by Hero Records, with mastering by Marcos Monnerat.


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